The challenge: Digitize manual QC data entry and find insights in the data

Our goal is to make data collection easy, fast and useful. No more loads of paper notes that never get studied. Give the user a tool that makes their life easier and give them real insights within a few clicks.

QC data collection on a screen needs to be reassuring. Huge excel tables that do not fit on a screen can not be the solution. We came up with a unique solution to allow people entering data to walk through their lab and enter data as they go. One clean and simple screen avoids noise and distraction while doing your daily task.

Reporting is the reward! After the tedious work of enter QC data, we empower labs to uncover trends and solve problems before they appear. No need to transfer your paper notes in excel sheets and graphs, Reflections has insightful reports for any data you entered.

Each lab is different, but that does not mean they cannot use the same app. Each can customize the app to fit their lab and workflow, not the opposite. The different combinations are endless.

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