The challenge: Making it easy to learn and build websites without the headaches of setups.

Have you ever wished you could write content and it magically gets online. It is now possible. We build a platform designed for people that wants to code but want their website or blog online in minutes.

Pagesmith is to developers what Wordpress is to designers. Creation comes first. Users do not need to install programing languages on their machine or get their github in sync or deploy to heroku. Users can simply write their own html, customize their CSS to get the blog they always wanted to create without being blocked by technical setups.

One goal was to make page smith smart. Users can create content types that will be re-used throughout their site if they want to. It is allowing you to create things like a series of blog posts with a title, a date and some content and have this type of content using styling and layout defined in the code side.

Enabling a tool to let the user only worry about creation and end product is really what PageSmith is about.

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