The challenge: Modernize the EMR and make it completely flexible

No two clinics operate the same. We built Generations to be completely customizable, from data entry all the way to reporting.

Being able to find patients in the system is one major task for clinics using the app. Presenting the user with the relevant information to be able to distinguish patients is essential. And finding patient cannot go without a robust search feature.

Innovative UI is really what is missing in the medical industry and there is a reason: it is not easy. The key to success is domain modeling. Instead of just replicating spreadsheets and tables, we mapped out the data entry process to match the experience of someone working in the lab.

In the world of medical software and apps, one main challenge is the information load. Doctors, nurses, and technicians need critical information at all time in order to take the right decisions. Instead of limiting the information to the page users are on, we decided to implement a clever navigation - almost reporting like feature - to allow users to quickly see more information like procedures from the previous day.

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